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Heroics —

I’ve been musing recently on the nature of courage, bravery and heroism, and their role in games and game-narrative. It’s been spurred by this photograph: Life magazine’s photograph of the week from October 1949. It was taken by an automatic camera on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious, during trials of a […]

I have so much to do… —

Earlier this year there was a brief spate of people quoting me as having originated the phrase, “I have so much to do that I am going to bed.” I love the saying but it’s not mine and it’s not actually my motto, it’s just something that I pulled out of a fortune cookie in […]

So what have you been working on, James? —

I’ve been working on quite a lot, thanks for asking. My current major project is publicity for the forthcoming Crime Scene game for the Office of Criminal Justice Reform. I designed the game last year, and it’s due to go live in early March. Right now I am writing five blogs for five in-game characters, […]