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Carry on Camping —

Two years ago the Guardian hosted a most unusual one-day conference, Gamecamp, in east London. It was an exceptional day—I wrote about it here—with a lot of brilliant and fascinating people bringing together some very different experiences and expertise about games and gaming. There was also a pre-release copy of Rock Band, which was good, […]

n00b World Reorder, part 1 —

The text that made up my Interesting 08 talk ‘Brave n00b World’ was part of a much longer document that I’ve been working on for a while. I’m not sure it’s ready for primetime—I’m not sure it’s ready for anything—but to catch the tide of interest in the video, here’s the first part of it. […]

Bubble and squeak —

From the BBC: dolphin persuades two whales to stop beaching. 1. Okay, this appears to be evidence of direct communication between different species, neither of which is ours. You want to know what happens next? Ask Roland Emmerich. 2. Maybe now the Japanese will stop… nah. 3. Ecco the Dolphin wasn’t lying to us after all! (Elsewhere, putty-nosed monkeys are using language too.)