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Stones have been known to speak —

Last Saturday at Dragonmeet in London I had the pleasure of interviewing Ian Livingstone OBE in front of a crowd of fans, nostalgists and people with an interest in how the British games industry came to be what it is. We chatted for about an hour, covering everything from the genesis of Games Workshop and the […]

A Thing of Beauty is a Stout Green Toy —

Playful 08 was a gas: like Russell Davis’s Interesting crashed head-first into a crowd of games-heads. There were many fantastic talks. Lots of hardware hacking (Roo Reynolds on turning the Rock Band guitar into an actual musical instrument, Matt Biddulph of Dopplr on the possibilities of the Wiimote, Matt Brown of LastFM on Trumpet Hero […]

Munchausen by proxy server —

The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen (the Difference Engine no.3 edition) is now available for download exclusively from e23, the digital warehouse of Steve Jackson Games. This is the revised and expanded facsimile version of the game that I’ve been blathering about for the last two years, and which is finally seeing the light of […]