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No! Don’t go! —

This is still Cope, but Cope in transition, courtesy of a deeply annoying hack and some amazing reconstruction-work by a WordPress surgeon who, if you ever need a WordPress surgeon, I will joyously recommend to you. We’re working out of a default theme while I rethink a few things, but there’s some bits of news […]

Kid-friendly places to eat lunch in central London —

I’ve not been hacked, no. I’m taking E, my firstborn, to the theatre in Soho this weekend, and then for lunch afterwards. A few minutes ago I asked Twitter for ideas on places to eat and the suggestions that came back were so good that I thought they were worth compiling and posting somewhere public. […]

No Shit Sherlock —

If you’re at all excited about the imminent release of the new Sherlock Holmes film ‘Game of Shadows’, once again with heavy steampunk overtones and again starring the estimable Robert Downey Jr and the actor Jude Law, can I recommend that you point your Twitter client at the account of Mr Stephen Fry (@stephenfry), who […]

Stones have been known to speak —

Last Saturday at Dragonmeet in London I had the pleasure of interviewing Ian Livingstone OBE in front of a crowd of fans, nostalgists and people with an interest in how the British games industry came to be what it is. We chatted for about an hour, covering everything from the genesis of Games Workshop and the […]

Livingstone at Dragonmeet —

I’m going to be interviewing Ian Livingstone OBE, the most important man in the British games industry, on stage at Dragonmeet, in Kensington on 26th November. The talk is likely to be packed out, but if you’ve got any question that you’d like me to put to this legendary figure, then you can send it […]

Tartes aux pommes —

My first experience with Apple came in 1984. Someone in my school had a Mac. It was pretty nifty. I was allowed to wiggle the mouse and watch the cursor move on screen. Ideas for games flooded into my mind. The Mac failed to become any kind of games powerhouse. 1992, I did a postgraduate […]

Bring On The Mighty Fight —

I am overjoyed. I have got my hands on the most desireable piece of hardware of late 2011, and it is spectacular. It is primarily game-related, but I can see all kinds of other applications for it—and if you can’t think of anything else then it’s simply an astonishing piece of physical design. I am […]

Business card RPG — let me down. I ordered some new business cards for DiGRA 2011 and they didn’t reach me until after I left for the conference. Luckily I have stocks of an A4 card that punches out into ten business cards per sheet. I use it for prototyping card-games. So homebrewing some cards wasn’t a problem. […]

The inference of conference —

I’m speaking at two conferences later this month. First up is ‘Think Design Play’, the 5th DIGRA (Digital Games Research Association) conference, which will be in Hilversum in the Netherlands, 14-17th September. I’m on a panel with Reiner Knizia and other good people, talking about ‘Modern Board Games and Why Game Studies Should Care’. It’s […]

Passpartout —

The saddest thing I’ve read about the ongoing PS3 security debacle is the number of people who have said openly that they can’t remember what password they used for their Playstation Online account and therefore which of their other passwords they need to change now. We all have squillions of passwords these days. Or maybe […]