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Afterlives —

I have published a new thing. Well, not exactly a new thing. AFTERLIVES is a reworking of a supplement that I wrote for John Kovalic’s comic Dork Tower almost ten years ago. Depending on your attitudes it’s either a systemless fantasy adventure or an RPG metagame, set in any fantasy game where the player-characters follow […]

GameCamp 4 —

After the storming success of GameCamp 2 last spring and BoardGameCamp last autumn, we’re doing it all over again. GameCamp 4 will be on 14th May 2011, at London South Bank University, which means (a) we can accommodate double the number of people that we had last time; and (b) it’s in Zone One, walking […]

Mugs game —

I’m sure by now you’re seen a reference to the Royal Wedding mug on the Guandong Enterprises website. The company has had global news coverage for putting the wrong prince on it: Harry, not William. Not to mention a badly translated inscription: ‘The Fairytale Romantic Union of All the Centuries’. Oops, those wacky Chinese, eh? […]

Dash me! Almost forgot —

In addition to the work-related malarkies I describe in the post below, I also did a few minutes on the stage at Interesting North a couple of weeks back, educating the locals about a minor genre of publishing I’ve been studying for a while: Works of Fiction with Stupid Titles or Covers Incorporating the National […]

Mine, Yours and Everyone’s We Know —

I’ve been thinking about Minecraft. A lot of people have been thinking about Minecraft, but in my case it’s not about how to make powered minecarts go where they ought or the best way to funnel lava. I’ve been thinking about why we play it. Straight away I have to acknowledge Margaret Robertson’s brilliant Minecraft […]

OMGameHacks —

Apologies to anyone also reading the GameCamp blog, as you’ll get this twice. As you’ve probably gathered from my incessant pimping of the event, I am one of the people behind Gamecamp, and specifically BoardGameCamp which is happening in Richmond on 9th October. In particular I am running the GameHack stream, where teams have six […]

GameCamp presents BoardGameCamp —

Mark your diaries: Saturday 9th October is BoardGameCamp, part of the London Games Festival, brought to you by the same people who were behind GameCamp back in April, in the same place. We’ll be playing games old and new, hosting discussion sessions and seminars on all types of tabletop games, and even running a competition […]

Counting down —

Right. If you haven’t voted in the Cadbury Pocketgame stakes yet, you have five hours till the polls close. Head to and vote for Flick Racer please… and while you’re there spare a thought for the fine Choc-a-Block, languishing in third place and deserving of your love. Yes, you can vote for more than […]

Pocket Games redux —

Various people have commented that my entry on the Pocketgame competition website is unreadable. They are quite right, it is unreadable. Here’s the poster-image in all its glory (click on it to embiggen), followed by a link to the competition website so you can vote for me. If they’ve fixed the site-registration issues, which I’m […]