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Idle thoughts —

Big post in the works. Meanwhile, some brief updates: Motorstorm (PS3) is very pretty but Excite Truck (Wii) is more fun. I was quite surprised how much fun Excite Truck has turned out to be. Have you noticed how some driving games don’t include any human beings at all? Excite Truck and the Burnout series […]

Gathering nuts in May —

The world is full of bullshit awards. In a few days we’ve got the Oscars, where an Academy dominated by retired actors will vote for films in which other actors get to showcase their acting, and scripts and directors that showcase acting, and people will call foul because these films, these scripts, these directors and […]

Wii want Wiinformation —

In all the hubbub and furore about the commercial success of the Wii, its strengths as a games machine and its viability against the PS3, one thing’s been missed. Nintendo is about to snatch a huge crown out from under the noses of Sony and Microsoft. While the Xbox 360 and PS3 fight it out […]