Recent clients and work include:

Working with the product and marketing consultancy Smithery, Spaaace analysed a global brand-identity problem that Carlsberg was facing, connected with a recent change in the consumer facing message, and used game-thinking to come up with a way to communicate a consistent message across the entire company. The resulting product, The Awesome Game, is a 100-card game with bespoke packaging with its rules explained on a single card, designed to communicate several levels of a brand message and to encourage Carlsberg’s staff to share the exercise with their colleagues. A consumer-facing version of the game is in development.

SHELL (2013)
Spaaace was brought in to consult on the digitisation of an existing tabletop game used to teach the effects of environmental imbalance. The project was ambitious, taking a moderated game for exactly six players designed to play out in a large room over 2-3 hours and redefine it as a public-facing game with wide appeal, available for free play over the internet. We defined the project to the requirements of its key stakeholders within Shell, wrote design briefs for the digital implementation and delivery of the project, and consulting on finding the best digital agency to make the game.

Spaaace worked with the international charity to create a metastructure for a series of training games for the company’s internal use at senior level, to create new processes allowing it to be quicker, more responsive and more proactive to fast-changing crisis situations around the world.

Spaaace was brought in to consult on the design of Story Cards, a tablet-based implementation of a collectible card game aimed at the educational market, to encourage children to read. We advised on the structure and implementation of the game, and worked on the design of the mechanics as well as many of the characters within the game.

Spaaace advised the Grammy-winning singer and her technology team on how to optimise their Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund her Mi.mu control gloves.

Spaaace created the narrative structure and wrote all the dialogue for this interactive-story video-game produced by Verse Publications in Vienna. Particular challenges included designing a dialogue-tree that would allow multiple overlapping outcomes dependin on the player’s moral choices in the game. The Shopkeeper is due for release later in 2014.

ALAS VEGAS (2013/14)
Spaaace crowdfunded the development of this group-narrative game about a group of characters who wake up in a shallow grave some miles outside a casino city controlled by sinister forces. Modeled on an HBO miniseries, Alas Vegas uses its own innovative Fugue engine to introduce new techniques and ideas to the roleplaying game genre. The game’s Kickstarter was more than 800%, funded, raising enough money to create the game and additional content, plus a spin-off novel as well. Alas Vegas will be released in book and e-book form later in 2014.

To promote the cinema release of the Robert Downey Jr/Jude Law movie Spaaace created ten cryptic riddles that Stephen Fry tweeted to his 6m followers over ten days, offering prizes for the first to tweet back the correct response. For the DVD release of the movie Spaaace worked with Warner Bros, Substance PR and urban-camouflage artist Aaron Larney to create longer and more elaborate puzzles leading to a prize-bearing stooge hidden in Birmingham, Edinburgh and London.

Spaaace developed an Agile-based methodology allowing five writers and an editor to create an entire 100,000-word thriller in ten days, releasing the first serial chapter in ebook form three days after the writing process began, and putting the printed book onto the shelves of bookshops worldwide within a month. With support from Harper Collins the project was prototyped successfully over two trial runs, on a model of writing novels about breaking global news stories.

Spaaace’s ongoing project is a serious journal about interactive narrative and storytelling in games. Published three times a year, it has an editorial board of leading authorities across the developing fields of narratology and ludology, and subscribers include large games companies, top-rank universities and major libraries around the world.

Spaaace assembled and managed a team of authors who collaborated on writing a series of interlinked short stories that established the game-world and its principal charactes. These were released as part of the peripheral materials of this AAA Playstation 3 release based around a collectible card game, and printed in its rulebook and its supplements.