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Here’s a few ideas.

We can make you a game. Whether it’s a web-game, a board-game or a one-off entertainment for a corporate event; or if it’s an overview, a complete design document or a finished and polished implementation, we can create something unique for you. We’ll run it for you too. We don’t care how off-the-wall your brief is. We like challenges.

We can tell you about games, and about the market and audience for games, how it’s changing, where it’s going, what’s up and coming, whether Facebook is a flash in the pan, and whether your strategy is on-message, on-brand and on the money.

We can advise you on building games and interactive stories into your brand message, and how best to get your game to its target market.

We can analyse your game design, identify problems and either advise you on how to rectify them, or roll up our sleeves and go in ourselves to evaluate and test. Game-engine not working as expected? Online audience not materialising? Mysterious bugs? In-game economics going off-balance? Players insisting on playing it wrong? Everything fantastic but it takes twice as long to complete as expected? We can help.

We can give you excellent World of Warcraft tips.

Give us a shout. We’ll buy you a coffee and chat about potential opportunities.

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