We don’t do extended feelgoods about everyone who’s ever sat down in our office for more than half an hour. This is the guy you’ll be talking to, front and centre.

James Wallis, director

James has been designing and writing about games since he launched his first fanzine aged 14. He set up games company Hogshead Publishing in 1994 and ran it successfully until 2003. He designed the card-game Once Upon a Time, a Games 100 choice for Best Family Game, and the Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen, which was nominated for two Origins Awards and an Ennie Award.

In 1999 Games Reporter magazine listed him as the 18th best game designer of all time. Two of his games were included in the book ‘Hobby Games: The 100 Best’ (Green Ronin, 2007).

He created Interactive Fantasy, ‘the journal of games design and criticism’, established the Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming, set up Gameforce Ltd to run the Dragonmeet series of games conventions, which he chaired for several years, and helped with the startup phase of games-maven agency Six to Start, where he worked extensively on the BAFTA and SXSW-award-winning project We Tell Stories, alongside novelists including Toby Litt, Nicci French and Mohsin Hamad.

James is also a former Sunday Times journalist, magazine editor and TV presenter. He worked in movie publicity for several years, and is a visiting lecturer in game design at the University of Westminster.

He writes a blog about game design, Cope, which you can find here.

Spaaace uses a model it calls ‘distributed development’, which is a posh way of saying that we have links to experts in their respective fields, and if a project calls for them then we’ll bring them in. The core of the company is lean and agile, but our reach is extensive and experienced.

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