We believe in the power of play and playful behaviour. We concept and build games and activities that let people find new ways to work together and find better solutions to complex problems, whether in a ludic space or in the wider world.

We can help you bring a game to fruition (whether to market, or to use within your company for training or behaviour change), or create a game experience to fit your needs, or run playful team-building or project-management exercises for your organisation, or more. Tell us what you need. Challenge us. That’s what games are all about.

We do not believe in harnessing games mechanics to trap people into repetitive and addictive behaviours in pursuit of facile numbers-go-up rewards. We will not work on gamification projects.

Our previous clients include Greenpeace, Shell, McKinsey, the Ministry of Defence, Carlsberg, Experian, NaturalMotion, NextGen Skills Academy, Film London, and quite a lot of universities.

Our founder has written about games for the Sunday Times, the Daily Telegraph, MIT Press, Penguin Books, Virgin Books, Tabletop Gaming magazine, and Dorling Kindersley, and has appeared on BBC Radio 4, Times Radio, and too many podcasts to remember.

Drop us a line, why not? Roll the dice and see what comes up.