Rising to the surface

Spaaace has been in stealth mode for over a year, running silent and deep, but after a month at periscope depth we have resurfaced, and we’re ready for action. Projects are piling up already—almost all of them on the QT, but we can talk about the following:

  • James has been working on two short-form RPGs, Cop Show and Alas Vegas and is talking to publishers on both sides of the Atlantic about them. His very short form RPG Here On Business (short enough that it fits on the back of his business card) was downloaded over 1500 times in its first 24 hours.
  • We’re premiering a new game of trade and translation, Universal Exchange, as part of the Sandpit event at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich on 13th October.
  • James is speaking at the Story and Games conference in Vienna on 27th September, where he will be announcing something very cool. About stories and games, inevitably. You may remember that he published the first serious journal on the subject, Interactive Fantasy, back in 1994 so he’s got history in the subject.

And more to come.  Stay tuned.

FRUP revived?

Spaaace magneto James Wallis has brought one of his 1990s projects out of mothballs, the never-completed parody-RPG FRUP, and is sharing choice excerpts from the manuscript and artwork on a new website, www.whatisfrup.com. Rumours that if there’s sufficient interest he will publish the game later this year have not been denied.

Facebook project

Spaaace is raising the funding to build a large-scale Facebook game designed to be mould-breaking and revenue-generating. Given the parasitic nature of Facebook game developers, we are saying absolutely nothing more about this right now. But watch this space.

Scripting for Ubisoft

With minimal notice, in mid-February Spaaace pulled together a team of experienced games script-writers to create dialogue for a forthcoming AAA console game from industry giant Ubisoft. Extremely tight deadlines were met and the work was signed off without a single rewrite. We’re a bit smug about that.

Dragon Warriors Players Book

Work is underway on Legend, the Players Book for the Dragon Warriors RPG, published by Spaaace subsidiary Magnum Opus Press. Featuring expansions to almost all aspects of the game including three new character professions and a new way of refining character descriptions with additional skills, ‘Paths’, it’s the most hotly awaited Dragon Warriors release since 1985.